Empowering Lives Through Martial Arts!


Hello, my name is Troy White and I am a pragmatic martial artist. This site is primarily dedicated to my experiences and my insights as a practical martial artist and a self defense advocate. Martial arts encompass the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives. Through training one may acquire many valuable skills and benefits including self-esteem, good health, fitness and superior self-protection skills. One learns balance with others, balance in life and balance within oneself! Self Defense is keeping ourselves, our loved ones, and those who cannot protect themselves safe from harm. Martial arts / Self Defense for me is not simply a pastime done once or twice a week or something we ‘do’ to defend ourself but rather it is something we become, a life pursuit! I will be writing, video blogging and posting all things related to martial arts and self defense.

Martial Arts is a journey, so …… Welcome to My Journey!


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